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Wireless Solutions

KSC Wirelss Wireless broadband has emerged as the most cost-effective technology for delivering high-speed Internet access to residential and business users, especially those in outlying and low-density environments.

In the minds of many, the major challenge for wireless network providers is making sure of their equipment’s ability to overcome the effects of interference to deliver service with both high performance and high reliability.

It’s a fact that wireless systems, whether operating in licensed or unlicensed frequencies, must cope with interference that can disrupt signals and cause transmission delays caused by errors. But it’s also a fact that if a wireless system is designed and built from the ground up to operate in the presence of interference, it can deliver consistently reliable performance and connectivity, enhanced customer satisfaction and excellent ROI.

At KSC, our RF expertise, experience in outdoor communications, and technology leadership help us design fixed wireless networks that tolerate outdoor interference more successfully than any other wireless broadband solution available.

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