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Flash & Sliverlight

KSC Flash & Silverlight Flash/Silverlight can do more for your web site than provide eye-catching movement, and has come a long way since the animated intro page days. KSC's designers & developers are selective about the placement and usage of Flash/Silverlight animation, and will always work with our clients to maximize its impact.

More than just site animation, our developers can offer you engaging and interactive Flash demonstrations, CD-ROM multimedia product tours, corporate overviews, and much more.

We can also compliment your web site with multimedia elements such as streaming video and 360 degree virtual tours, adding a dimension and interactivity that keeps your site visitors informed, entertained, and impressed with your organization.

Our effective Flash productions generate an impact through great design, compelling sequences and technical classiness. Animated elements display your message or products ingeniously. Your message can be subtle, and classy, or bold and in-your-face. Our flash production will always win the attention of your intended audience.

If you are looking to create a new web presence with a flash production, Silverlight or XMAL Application, please contact us.

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