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Internet Services: Hosting

KnowledgeGuard Hosting Many Internet Service Providers offer physical space on their machines for their customers to create and manage their own website. The Provider (known as a hosting provider) runs the software that enables those websites to be found by those looking for them around the world.

In other words, the 'hosting' entity runs a machine that not only stores a given website but - most critically - makes it possible for other machines around the Internet to find that website on their machine.

At KSC, we control our own hosting servers. We want to make sure your website or data is held close to our heart so we can have an instant connection with your data in case of any unforeseen problems or disaster.

We also host many software options, available to you, such as our CMS (Content Management System)

Our servers are both Linux and Windows based. If you have an existing website that, lets say, is written in ASP, we can drop that on our Windows server for you.

We know you want to know where your traffic is being driven from, how long, where they went afterwards, etc. We offer complete statistics packages with your hosting account.

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