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Wireless VOIP - Turnkey Solutions Also for WISP

KSC Wireless VoIP WITSP Unlike vontage Skype and magic jack, we have provisions for quality of service. What does this mean to you is less dropped calls and better reception. We only use G711 for service as the quality is better than compressed voice calls.

The KSC VoIP Solution allows you to become your own WITSP, and have full control over the equipment, services and solutions provided to your consumers. The KSC Turnkey VoIP Solution that KSC offers provides you with a wide range of products and service offerings, all from one convenient interface. The possibilities for you to create different products and services, to match your ideal client and consumer grouping are endless. KSC is ready to make your big step as an ITSP and sure step.

  • IP PBX Systems
  • Residential VoIP Services
  • Wholesale Termination
  • Turnkey VoIP Billing Solution
  • Partner and Reseller Programs
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