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Hotel Wireless Internet - Managed Hotel Internet Service

KSC Wirelss Wireless broadband has emerged as the most cost-effective technology for delivering high-speed Internet access to residential and business users, especially those in outlying and low-density environments.

In the minds of many, the major challenge for wireless network providers is making sure of their equipment’s ability to overcome the effects of interference to deliver service with both high performance and high reliability.

It’s a fact that wireless systems, whether operating in licensed or unlicensed frequencies, must cope with interference that can disrupt signals and cause transmission delays caused by errors. But it’s also a fact that if a wireless system is designed and built from the ground up to operate in the presence of interference, it can deliver consistently reliable performance and connectivity, enhanced customer satisfaction and excellent ROI.

At KSC, our RF expertise, experience in outdoor communications, and technology leadership help us design fixed wireless networks that tolerate outdoor interference more successfully than any other wireless broadband solution available.

To stay competitive, hotels must find High Speed Internet Access Solutions that are cost effective and easy to maintain. Hotel Wireless Internet - Managed Hotel Internet Service

KSC WIRELESS INTERNET provides a truly turnkey Internet solution to hotel properties. From technical support for guests, to a worry-free Internet connection, KSC Wireless Hotel Wireless Internet services satisfies guests’ Internet service needs, while freeing hotel staff to concentrate on their primary business. Our state-of-the-art 802.11 (Wi-Fi) connectivity delivers the most cost-effective connection to every guest, and is easier to use, manage, and maintain than alternative solutions.

KSC Hotel Wireless Internet Benefits

KSC Wireless helps hotels increase guest satisfaction, reduce support costs, achieve revenue targets, and improve efficiency. KSC Hotel Wireless Internet is the right choice for hotels that wish to provide hassle-free, cost-effective Internet access to guests. Among the many benefits of the KSC Hotel Wireless Internet services are:

  1. Increased guest satisfaction through easy-to-use, reliable, high-speed Internet access.
  2. Cost savings through reduced support burden on your staff, capital and IT support cost savings, and reduced Internet access related guest compensations.
  3. Revenue generation through advertising on a hotel branded welcome portal, and if you so choose, through pay-per-use guest Internet access.
  4. Hotel efficiency through outsourcing the installation, support, management and maintenance of the Internet service for your guests, thus freeing your staff from IT concerns that would otherwise divert attention from your primary business.
  5. Advantages over cable and DSL, which require much larger capital investments, and also require expensive, disruptive, and disfiguring installation of wiring throughout your property.

KSC Hotel Wireless Internet Features

KSC Hotel Wireless Internet is a managed wireless broadband service that connects hotel guests easily and quickly to the Internet from their rooms, and/or from “hot spots” within the hotel. The service includes a local broadband connection from the hotel to the Internet, plus all installation, monitoring, management, and technical support to connect guests’ laptops or hand-held computers to the Internet reliably and with minimal involvement from hotel staff. The service also incorporates a Welcome Portal, which provides property-specific information and advertising.

Turnkey Installation

KSC WIRELESS INTERNET takes responsibility for all aspects of connecting your hotel and guests to the Internet. This includes provisioning Community WIRELESS INTERNET-owned equipment to connect your hotel to the Internet, and the installation of cables and wireless devices in ceilings or other locations to connect your guests to the Internet.

Installation is generally completed within two business days. KSC WIRELESS INTERNET first surveys your property to determine optimal locations for wireless access points, and works with you to confirm mounting methods. The wireless service on your property is homed into a single gateway server, which is connected to the Internet. Because it is wireless, KSC Hotel Wireless Internet service installation does not inconvenience your guests or adversely affect property aesthetics.

Around-the-Clock Technical Support

Experienced technical support staff is available by phone at all times to help hotel guests access the Internet. This support includes troubleshooting laptop settings and assisting guests with hardware or software settings. Our friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable assistance reduces calls to the front desk.

Proactive Network Monitoring and Problem Resolution

KSC WIRELESS INTERNET’s network operations center continually monitors the Internet connection and every device on the hotel’s wireless Internet access network to ensure that it is reachable and functioning. Should any device on your property not respond properly, we dispatch repair personnel to correct the problem, and we track and oversee the repair of any Internet-related service problems.

Since Internet access is increasingly essential for your guests, Community WIRELESS INTERNET can provide a backup connection between your property and the Internet to ensure uninterrupted service, should your primary connection fail.

Welcome Portal

The KSC Hotel Wireless Internet Welcome Portal allows you to brand your property, and create a medium for E-marketing and business promotion. You can use your portal to promote on-site food and beverage offerings, advertise local businesses, list points of interest, and much more. You can use the KSC Hotel Wireless Internet Welcome Portal to generate revenue by selling advertising space for local businesses interested in reaching your guests.

Flexible Billing Options

KSC Hotel Wireless Internet can be tailored to your preferred business model. Flexible options allow you to make the service available for no extra charge, or to bill for Internet access:

  1. Free Access for All Hotel Visitors:
    All hotel visitors can connect to the service for free. Any visitor to the hotel simply activates a “Wi-Fi” card – built into most recent model laptops or hand held computers – and connects to the Internet.
  2. Free Access for Hotel Guests:
    All registered hotel guests can connect for no additional charge. You provide access passwords or individual sign-on keys to your guests as part of the hotel check-in process. When guests connect, a sign-on page requests their code, and allows them to connect for a day, or whatever time period you specify.
  3. Pay per Use:
    KSC Hotel Wireless Internet allows you to charge extra for Internet access via credit card. The KSC Hotel Wireless Internet service handles credit card transactions, billing, and revenue collection.
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